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About the Bootcamp

Take centre stage to catapult your HealthTech business in India to the UK.

The British High Commission in India is organising a UK-India HealthTech Bootcamp from May 2024. This is an exciting opportunity for Indian companies to learn about the UK’s health ecosystem, develop market access strategies, and explore potential overseas partnerships. The event is being organised in collaboration with the Academic Health Science Network, Yorkshire and Humber, KIIT-Technology Business Incubator, and Bhubaneswar City Knowledge Innovation Cluster Foundation, an Initiative O/o Principal Scientific Adviser, Govt of India who will support this journey to boost participant’s understanding of what is required to enter the UK’s healthcare market and continue their global product improvement journey.

  • Overview of the UK health ecosystem  
  • Working with the National Health Service (NHS) - Organisational structure, funding flows, strategies and programmes
  • Growth and spread - Introduction to Department of International Trade (DIT), The Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Service Network (YHAHSN) and regional integrated care system’s 
  • Governance - Clinical safety, Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC)
  • Evidence and evaluation
  • Funding and finance 
  • Legal considerations

Key takeaways for participants:

The programme aims to give companies a crash course on the UK’s health ecosystem and market, access to subject matter experts and the opportunity to engage directly with UK NHS stakeholders. 

The Programme will be run in 2 stages. 

Stage 1
30 companies will get to participate in a 3 days fully funded HealthTech Bootcamp in May 2024 at Bhubaneshwar. 

Stage 2
6 companies from this cohort will be selected for a 5-day fully fundedbespoke programme in the UK where they will get the opportunity to engage directly with the wider HealthTech ecosystem in the UK.

Eligibility criteria:

Waiting lists

Innovations that helps manage NHS waiting lists e.g. prioritising patients and managing waiting well, including for elective treatment and cancer diagnostic pathways and improve patient experiences in hospitals.

Urgent and emergency care

Innovations to prevent / reduce unscheduled care episodes, speed up ambulance care and discharge.

Healthy society & Health ageing

Systems that connect people, platforms that promote physical and cognitive health, and remote therapies.  Solutions that support caregivers and ease pressures on healthcare systems.


school enviroment & technology

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